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Keep in touch for jazz dates and venues in the Swindon area. Please note that the blogger (who set this site up for Dave Knight) receives information second-hand and lives on the other side of the country! More information on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazz-Knights/544313058974889

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Jazz in the Swindon area in October/November/December.
                                                                  JAZZ IN SWINDON
                                               OCTOBER - NOVEMBER -DECEMBER

                                              THE PLOUGH INN DEVIZES RD  SN1-4BQ
                                                    01793 - 522156   3-00/5-30   FREE
                     OCTOBER    06 CLIVE BURTON TRIO
                                            13 ALVIN ROY TRIO
                                            20 REMI HARRIS TRIO
                                            27 ANDY NOWAK TRIO

                  NOVEMBER    03 ROD KELLY TRIO
                                            10 MARTIN PICKETT TRIO
                                            17 BEN HOLDER TRIO
                                            24 ROB TERRY TRIO
                 DECEMBER      01 TBC
                                            08 RORY McINROY TRIO
                                            15 RACHAEL PENNELL TRIO
                                            22 TBC
                                            29 TBC

                                                     BAKER ST  WOOD ST  SN1-4AM
                                                     01793-978011   8-00/10-30  FREE

                     OCTOBER     01 ROB TERRY TRIO
                                            08 LOUISE PARKER TRIO
                                             15  DUNCAN ENSLEM QUARTET
                                             22                JAZZ SPECIAL
                                                                  GYPSY FIRE 
                                             29  RUTH HAMMOND QUARTET

                  NOVEMBER     05               JAZZ SPECIAL 
                                                      BEN CLAPWORTHY QUARTET 
                                             12   EMILY WRIGHT THE ROYALS
                                             19 ALVIN ROY QUARTET
                                             26                JAZZ SPECIAL
                                                       STEVE WATERMAN/
                                                    DAVE NEWTON QUARTET

                  DECEMBER     03 JUDY EAMES QUARTET
                                            10 RUBATEMPO QUARTET
                                            17                JAZZ SPECIAL 
                                                          THE MAGNIFICENT 7

                                             PORTWELL ANGEL MARKET PLACE
                                                         FARINGDON  SN7-4HU
                                                         01367- 248030  7-30/10-00 FREE
                      OCTOBER     30  DAVE NEWTON TRIO

                                    PRINCE OF WALES HIGH ST SHRIVENHAM 
                                                       SN6-8AF   8-30/11-00 FREE

                    OCTOBER    10 DOM FRANKS/JOHN-PAUL GARD DUO
                                           24 ROB TERRY TRIO               

                 NOVEMBER    14 BALANCA TRIO
                                           28 RACHAEL PENNELL TRIO 

                 DECEMBER    12  REMI HARRIS TRIO 


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