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Monday, 1 April 2013


Remi Harris is a young guitarist making a reputation in the field of gypsy-jazz. With formidable technique, his musical associations (perhaps prompted by his name...'do-re-mi'...) range widely through the musical culture of the last hundred years.
In a very full programme of some twenty five numbers we were treated to a variety, not so much of style influences, rather of material which appealed to the musicians. Since this involved a request - Sweet Georgia Brown - and several spontaneous sing-along episodes, this appeal was mutual with a majority of the audience.
So a first set gamut which started with Putting On The Ritz and included Charlie Parker's Donna Lee, Lady Madonna as a homage to the Beatles, a Just Friends nod to Chet Baker, a George Benson number and even a medley of Cherokee with I'll See You In My Dreams. The second set was equally as varied, starting with a sortie from acoustic to electric guitar for Softly As In A Morning Sunrise and Road Song recalling Wes Montgomery. Then Need Your Love recalling Fleetwood Mac and BB King, before a return to the accoustic sound. We were treated, of course, to Django Reinhardt  classics (one of which included a Jimi Hendrix lick) and even to the exotic - sounds normally heard played on an oud, also the more familiar klezmer music. An original, Ninick, showed off Remi as a composer with this, a pretty, catchy tune.
This was not a one man show, however. On rhythm guitar, Ben Salmon needed no gratuitous praise. Just think Freddie Greene (the heart beat of the Basie Band) and enough said. And Tom Moore on double bass laid down a rock-solid backing with an inventive line in solos.
All in all a fine, well knitted young trio, enthusiastic, attentive and responsive to each other. They deserved their plaudits which I'm sure will become more and more far reaching.
                                                                                                       Keith Brain.
Remi Harris
Ben Salmon
Tom Moore


  1. Nice review, Keith- it was a good night.
    You'd never believe 'Nightingale in B.Square' + 'Dads'Army' riff, would you?
    I think they're booked for Baker St.,later on in 2013!

  2. On their welcome return to the P of W in Dec.2013 I managed to catch the events flavour on my Satio [phonecam]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZYg6cO1xHI
    Daphne, written by Django and swinging well here.An old favourite of mine, too.