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Keep in touch for jazz dates and venues in the Swindon area. Please note that the blogger (who set this site up for Dave Knight) receives information second-hand and lives on the other side of the country! More information on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazz-Knights/544313058974889

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Gigs April through until August at the Prince of Wales, Hight Street, Shrivenham. Thursday evenings 8.30/11.00 FREE

               April   25    Rubatempo Trio
                                 Exquisite Jazz Vocals with Super Guitar duo

               May     09  Simon Spillett/John Critchinson Trio
                                  UK's top tenor with leading UK jazz Pianist

                            23  Zoe Francis Duo
                                   Impressive vocalist top jazz duo

               June     13   Alvin Roy Trio
                                  Refreshing,smooth,swing jazz music

                           27    Rod Kelly Trio
                                   Cool jazz and blues

                July     11   Ben Holder Trio
                                    Sensational spirited remarkable

                             18   JAZZ SPECIAL 
                                     Nicola Farnon/Dave Newton Duo
                                     Unique classic Jazz Vocalist/Bassist
                                     With UK's Premier Jazz pianist  

                              25  Terry Hutchins Trio
                                     Consummate jazz guitarist
              August     08   Geoff Mason/ Allen Berry Duo
                                    Post Bop and standards jazz Trombone

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