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Keep in touch for jazz dates and venues in the Swindon area. Please note that the blogger (who set this site up for Dave Knight) receives information second-hand and lives on the other side of the country! More information on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazz-Knights/544313058974889

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


A list of jazz gigs in the Swindon area for September 2012.
                                                                 September Jazz Gigs
                                             09     DAVE NEWTON/CLIVE MORTON  DUO
                                                      (UK's Pre-eminent jazz pianist)
                                                      Baker St Wood St  Old Town Swindon
                                                      SUNDAY LUNCHTIME  OPENING GIG  
                                                       1-00/3-30  Admission free
                                                      (Gig of the week)
                                                      Fretless and Friends
                                                      Trout Inn Lechlade
                                                      8-30/11-00  Admission free
                                             11     Alexander Hawkins Quartet
                                                      (Thrilling improviser, rising star on UK jazz scene)
                                                      Baker St  8-30/11-00 admission
                                                      (Gig of the week)
                                             13     Emily Wright /Dale Hambridge  Duo
                                                      (Outstanding UK vocal jazz talent)
                                                      Prince of Wales  High St  Shrivenham
                                                      8-30/11-00  Admission free
                                             16     George Cooper Trio
                                                      (Polished jazz Trio, wonderful young pianist)
                                                      Baker St  1-00/3-30  Admission free
                                                      Trout Inn  Lechlade
                                                      8-30/11-00   Admission free
                                            18      SHOWTIME
                                                      IAN BATEMAN'S QUARTET
                                                      (SWINDON'S OWN TOP UK JAZZ  TROMBONIST)
                                                      BAKER St  8-30/11-00 Admission free
                                                      (Gig of the month)
                                                      Colin Kingwell's "Po' Boys"
                                                      Trout Inn  Lechlade
                                                      8-30/11-00  Admission free
                                            23       Rumbatempo
                                                       (Exquisite jazz vocalist)
                                                       Baker St  1-00/3-30  Admission free
                                                       (Gig of the week)
                                                       Jazz Flight
                                                       Trout Inn Lechlade
                                                       8-30/11-00  Admission free
                                            25       Dom Frank's Strayhorn Project
                                                       (Hard Hitting jazz Quartet)
                                                       Baker St  8-3-/11-00  Admission free
                                            27       Maguire Bros
                                                       (Accomplished jazz pianist, delightful style)
                                                       Prince of Wales  High St Shrivenham
                                                       8-30/11-00  free
                                                       (Gig of the week)
                                                       Kingsdown All Stars
                                                       (Mainstream jazz)
                                                       Kingsdown Stratton
                                                       8-30/11-00  FREE
                                            30       Jon Green Trio
                                                       (Talented jazz trio)
                                                       Baker St 1-00/8-30  Admission free

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