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Keep in touch for jazz dates and venues in the Swindon area. Please note that the blogger (who set this site up for Dave Knight) receives information second-hand and lives on the other side of the country! More information on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazz-Knights/544313058974889

Monday, 30 July 2012


List of gigs around Swindon in the month of August. Not to be missed!

                              August       05   Alexander  Hawkins Duo
                                                      (Exciting New Star Jazz Pianist)
                                                      Baker St  Old Town
                                                      1-00/3-30   FREE

                                               07   Alvin Roy  Quartet (GIG OF THE WEEK)
                                                      (Swinging mainstream jazz quartet)
                                                       Baker St  Old Town
                                                      8-30/11-00   FREE

                                               07   Jazz Boat
                                                      Trout Inn  Lechlade
                                                      8-30/11-00   FREE

                                               09    Cathy Jones-Kevin Figes-
                                                       (Standards & Afro Latin Jazz)
                                                       Prince of Wales  Shrivenham
                                                       8-30/11-00   FREE

                                               12    Frank Hockney Trio
                                                       (First-Class Modern Jazz Trio)
                                                       Baker St   Old Town
                                                       1-00/3-30   FREE

                                               12    Sunday Jazz Day (GIG OF THE WEEK)
                                                       3-00  Nathan Jones Big Band
                                                       8-30  Rod Kelly Trio  (Cool Jazz & Blues)
                                                       Trout Inn  Lechlade  FREE

                                               14   JAZZ  SHOWTIME  (GIG OF THE MONTH)
                                                      Simon Spillett Quartet
                                                      (Outstanding UK's NO1 Tenor Saxophonist)
                                                      Baker St  Old Town
                                                      8-30/11-00   FREE  

                                               14    Big Girls Blues
                                                       (They are despite the name)
                                                       Trout Inn  Lechlade
                                                       8-30/11-00   FREE

                                                19    Sunday Jazz Day (GIG OF THE WEEK)
                                                       3-00   Blake's Heaven Swing Band
                                                       8-30   Julie Hunt with Trio
                                                       Trout Inn Lechlade   FREE

                                               21    Dave Newton Trio (GIG OF THE WEEK)
                                                      (Remarkable Award Winning Jazz Pianist)
                                                       Baker St  Old Town
                                                       8-30/11-00  FREE

                                               23   Alvin Roy Trio
                                                      Pince of Wales Shrivenham
                                                      8-30/11.00  FREE

                                               26    Sunday  Jazz Day
                                                       3-00  Mid-West  Jazz Band
                                                       8-30  Jazz Moves
                                                       Trout Inn  Lechlade   Free

                                               28    Ruth Hammond Quartet
                                                       (Multi-talented Saxophonist)
                                                       Baker St  Old Town
                                                       8-30/11-00   FREE

                                               28     Thames Valley Jazz Quartet
                                                        Trout  Inn  Lechlade
                                                        8-30/11-00   FREE

                                                30    Kingsdown Jazz Band
                                                        Kingsdown  Stratton
                                                        8-00 /11-00   FREE 


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